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Your body houses your life experiences. Many of your emotions—from euphoria to sadness—are held tightly in the recesses of your organs, muscles, and bones. A rich, life-changing book, Your Body’s Wisdom brings us home to our bodies to explore the vast knowledge and insight found within. With gentle strength, author Renee Welfeld guides us to a deep understanding of our body’s layered experiences.

By integrating the stories, processes and exercises from Your Body’s Wisdom, your life will unfold with an interconnectedness with the world that you never thought possible. Tapping into the wisdom your body holds will keep you keenly aware of the world around you every moment of every day and help you use what your body already knows to lead a wise and happy life.

Your Body’s Wisdom contains a wealth of information, insight and guidance. Written in clear, concise language, it offers a simple yet effective method for achieving inner peace through the integration of body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend it!”
—Kathleen H. Hofeller, Ph.D.,
author of Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit

“…a book for healing and growth that is engaging and readily applied…for all who work toward the fullest use of self in walking lightly, but with strength, in the world.”
—Soo Borson, M.D., University of Washington